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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

happy birthday to me... !

hohoho !

happy birthday to me...
happy birtday to me...
happy birthday to me...
happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee.....

sdey lol!

taon prtme aku smbt brday jraknye jaoh amat dgn famly aku.... T_T

di hari jdi ku yang mulia neh aku nk ucapkn kpd dri aku sndri selamat ari jd.... ( jiwe sdey melampau )


tp xpe...

kt cni aku ttp ade famly yg sgt2 mcm fmly aku sndri... hoho ! aku ttp happy wlopon fmly aku yg btol xde...

i really appreciate your wishes, your gifts, your loves, and your friendship.. thax for this bday... i hope we will always being family forever..

thx ols ! ^_^v

for my beloved twins
sarang hae yo !
present i bg next sem yer... sem ni x sempat....
hoho !
kakak nk present ape???
hoho !

and for myself...
i wish to be a good girl, a good child, a good student, and also a good wife ( in the future ) hoho !

i wish to have chances to further my stdy oversea ( uk )

for my lovely MR. Bb
i love you..
can't wait to meet you,
can't wait to get my present ( hoho! )

laylaa & wan ... erkk??

i wish to have the best friends , family, and boyfriends for ever !

p/s : ade owg nk bg adiah x?? nk bg alamat neh... ^_^v

nyum.. nyum... ^_^v

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